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How to Make the Ice Chips like hospital at home


What are Ice Chips?

For oral hydration hospitals use small pieces of Ice chips, to soothe a sore throat, or to cool the mouth and throat. Methods to make ice chips are crushing ice cubes or breaking up the block of ice. Ice chips are typically made from purified water and are safe to consume. When patients are not able to drink larger amounts of liquid because of illness or medical treatment they are commonly used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to help patients keep hydrated and comfortable. Some people also use ice chips at home to help with dehydration, sore throat, or other conditions that affect the mouth and throat.

Benefits Of Ice Chips

  1. Hydration: Ice chips can help to hydrate the body because they are made of water. People who have trouble swallowing or who might feel sick and struggle to drink larger amounts of water will find this to be especially helpful.
  2. Cooling effect: Ice chips can provide a cooling effect on the body, which can be helpful in reducing fever or overheating.
  3. Sore throat relief: Ice chips can help to numb the throat and provide temporary relief for soreness or irritation.
  4. Oral hygiene: Ice chips can help to clean the mouth and teeth, as the cold temperature helps to kill bacteria and freshen your breath.
  5. Digestive aid: Ice chips can help with digestion, stimulate the small intestine, and reduce bloating or discomfort.
  6. Pain relief: To numb use ice chips and reduce pain in certain areas of the body, such as following a dental procedure or during a sports injury.
  7. Weight loss: Some people use ice chips as a way to curb hunger cravings and assist with weight loss efforts.
  8. Energy boost: Ice chips can provide a quick burst of energy, as the body uses energy to heat the ice and bring it to body temperature.

Why Hospitals Give Ice Chips

Hospitals give ice chips for several reasons:
  1. Hydration: Ice chips can help to keep a patient hydrated, especially if they are unable to drink larger amounts of fluids due to illness or surgery.
  2. Comfort: Ice chips can provide comfort to patients who may have a dry mouth or throat due to medications or treatments.
  3. Oral care: After surgery, when a patient might not be able to brush their teeth or wash their mouth with water. Ice chips can help to clean the mouth and teeth.
  4. Cooling: Ice chips can help to cool down a patient’s body temperature in the hospital. Especially if they are experiencing a fever or are in a warm environment.
  5. Swelling: Ice chips can help to reduce swelling in the mouth, throat, or other areas of the body.
Overall, ice chips are a simple but effective way to help care for patients in a hospital setting.

Why Can You Only Have Ice Chips Before Surgery?

 You can only have ice chips before surgery because they are easy to digest and do not need any chewing or digestion. This is important because, during surgery, the body’s digestive system is essentially shut down, so anything that is eaten before surgery will sit in the stomach and intestines without being properly processed. This can lead to nausea, vomiting, and other digestive issues. Ice chips, on the other hand, can be quickly and easily absorbed by the body and do not pose any potential digestive problems. Additionally, ice chips can help to keep you hydrated and can provide some relief for dry mouth or throat.

What Kind Of Ice Maker Do Hospitals Use?

Hospitals typically use commercial ice makers, which are larger and more powerful than residential ice makers. These ice makers can produce large quantities of ice, making them ideal for busy hospitals where ice is used for various purposes such as patient care, food and beverage service, and laboratory research. Some hospitals may also use ice makers specifically designed for medical use, which are equipped with features such as built-in water filtration systems to ensure the ice is clean and safe to consume.


In conclusion, hospital staff gives their patients ice chips since it simply keeps them hydrated before and following surgery.
It makes sense to provide commercial ice rather than manually crushed ice to your patients, visitors, or staff members so they can enjoy their fizzy water or drinks while staying chilly or cool on a warm day.
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