Two Toned Abaya

Abaya Wear You Must Buy in 2024


The abaya, a representation of grace and humility, has changed over time to embrace contemporary styles without losing its unique appeal. We’ll highlight five gorgeous two-toned abayas in this carefully picked selection that expertly combines refinement and modern flair.

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Top Abaya you must have:

Beautiful green art silk abaya with hijab:

This exquisite handcrafted silk abaya with hijab is an amazing example of artistry. The emerald tone exudes confidence and sophistication while making a singular and remarkable statement. Its fine features, which blend classic and contemporary components for a timeless appearance that is sure to draw attention, are what set it apart.

The rich green color gives a modern touch that is different from the conventional black that is typically associated with this item of clothing. This suit exudes luxury thanks to the art silk fabric, and its exquisite self-design adds intriguing textures that will catch your eye everywhere you go. For a striking visual contrast, pair this abaya with a similar or comparable shade of hijab. Against the emerald base, golds, creams, brighter greens, and darker greens all look fantastic.

Beautiful almond green front open with black patti:

The striking almond-green hue of this abaya gives you a more refined, feminine appearance. You can walk with optimum comfort and ease thanks to the distinctive front open design, which gives a contemporary spin on the classic style. Its design factor is further elevated by the depth and refinement added by the black patti crepe detailing at the edges.

Wearing this stylish and versatile abaya over dresses, skirts, or jeans will let you show off your inner style icon. Whether you’re going to business functions or informal get-togethers, this abaya will help turn any average outfit into something spectacular. Additionally, the supplied hijab is a wonderful complement, and the coordinating colors perfectly finish the entire costume. The options are unlimited when you have this garment on!

Self-design dark grey front open with straight pink patti crepe abaya:

This classic piece is ideal for both professional and informal settings because it emits a well-balanced mix of refinement and whimsy. The matching hijab, which comes in a complementing color and fabric and can be worn in both traditional and modern forms, adds texture to the ensemble.

Furthermore, the moderate color palette of this abaya makes accessorizing it easy. A dramatic belt accentuates the waist for a fitted appearance, while dramatic earrings offer a dash of glitz. Furthermore, choosing heels or flat shoes is a simple method to adapt your look according to the occasion. All in all, this adaptable abaya guarantees comfort throughout the day without sacrificing style!


Black sleeve embroidery aline crepe abaya:

High-quality crepe fabric, used to create this abaya, drapes elegantly and feels soft against the skin. All body types can benefit from its A-line form, which creates a graceful appearance that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. The sleeve embroidery adds just the right amount of glitz; its intricate designs both visually arresting and enrich the entire style.

This abaya’s matching hijab was designed to go well with the ensemble. With its superior fabric and consistent black hue, it guarantees that every piece blends harmoniously into the next. It will enhance your ensemble with an additional layer of modesty and beauty whether you wear it in a classic style or try new draping techniques.


Self-design green art silk abaya with hijab:

Any season is a great fit for this lovely green abaya. The dress, which is made of art silk fabric, is exquisite and opulent looking, making it ideal for formal events. The self-designed pattern brightens the overall appearance without detracting from it. This abaya also has a matching hijab that ties the two pieces together well in terms of color and fabric.

It is noteworthy to highlight this piece’s adaptability. The flowy, comfy shape allows for freedom of movement, making it great for all-day wear whether you’re dressed up for a formal event or just want something casual to take out on a regular day. 



In conclusion, two-toned abaya designs will become a prominent trend in 2024 as the fashion industry continues to embrace the classic elegance of the abaya. The five abayas highlighted in this blog provide the ideal fusion of tradition and modernity, whether they are worn in traditional combinations or unique ways. Everyone can up their modest fashion game with anything, regardless of their preference for muted colors or striking contrasts.

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