Game Error Code 516

Game Error Code 516: Reasons & How To Fix Easily BG3


Error code 516, often known as Baldur’s Gate 3 in the community, is one of the most commonly reported issues. This problem appears each time you attempt to save a game. We will assist you in determining the cause of BG3 Error Code 516 and how to resolve it in this tutorial.

The Dungeons & Dragons universe is the setting for the role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3. The third game in the Baldur’s Gate series was created by Larian Studios. But BG3 is not impervious to mistakes and glitches, just like any other video game. We’re talking about BG3 Error Code 516, which is another one of these errors that the community is having trouble with. Everything you require to resolve Game Error Code 516 is provided here.

Why Do You Get BG3 Error 516?

Imagine spending hours playing a game and then realizing that you are unable to save. When gamers in BG3 run into Error Code 516, this is what occurs. This problem arises from an attempt to save the game. There are several possible causes for this error. Among them are:

  • It happens when there is not enough space in your save directory.
  • This could be brought on by improper configurations, malware infections, power outages, or hardware issues.
  • Performance issues and server overloads on Steam’s end frequently impact the game’s usability.

How To Fix BG3 Error Code 516?

The following are various solutions that gamers might attempt to resolve this issue:

Verify Game’s File Integrity:
Examine the quality of your BG3 installation to fix any possible game file corruption or missingness. To do this, take the actions listed below:

  • To access the context menu, right-click the game in your Steam library and select “Properties.”
  • On the “Local Files” tab, click.
  • To “Verify Integrity of Game Files,” click.

Clear Drive Space:
It is necessary to inspect the drive holding the saved files. If there isn’t enough space on the device for all of the useless files, remove some of them. If all of the other files are important, save them online and make space for the saved files.

Shut BG3 & Log In Again:
Another option is to try quitting both BG3 and the platform on which you’re playing it. After a few minutes, wait and start the game once more. Verify whether the error is still present.

Check System Requirements:
Check to see whether your machine meets the minimal system requirements for Baldur’s Gate 3. These requirements are listed on the game’s Steam store page. If you want the finest possible gaming experience, consider upgrading your hardware.

Close Unnecessary Programs:
Too many background apps could cause problems for BG3. To reduce possible conflicts and free up system resources, close any superfluous programs before launching the game.

Disable Your Cross-Save
Finally, as many players have mentioned on social media, you need to disable cross-save if you keep receiving the “Can’t Save” problem in the game.

Navigate to BG3’s Folder
You’ll need to manually remove the files in the BG3 folder, which is house within the %appdata% folder, if that doesn’t work.

That’s all the information we have for fixing BG3 Game Error Code 516. I hope the aforementioned strategies are effective and you resume playing BG3.

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