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13 Types of Backpacks: Backpacks Styles guide

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This Backpack guide is especially for those confused and unable to decide what kind of backpack they should own for their trip.
Nowadays, backpacks are very important while going on a trip because it is easy to carry all the essentials in one place, and there is no need to worry about carrying lots of stuff during the trip.
But it is tough to choose the right types of backpacks that makes your travelling easy and efficient. It is hard to find the right backpack for yourself.
This article will explain the complete guide that will help you choose the right backpack for yourself from types of backpacks. So let’s have a quick view over the types of backpacks.

1. Standard Backpack:

The standard backpack is very simple and comes with 2 or 3 chains where you can add normal stuff like books or clothes for 2 days. You can use this kind of backpack in college or add some snack stuff to this kind of backpack. It is easy to carry because it is very lightweight.


2. Sling Bag:

The Sling bag is very useful, and all kinds of things can get easily adjustable in this bag. It has small compartments or pockets where you can put different things such as keys, chargers, cables, etc. They are not so expensive, but the price depends on the material you purchase from any store.


3. Skate Backpack:

People who love skating can put their skateboards in this bag. The skateboard backpack always comes in various sizes because it depends on the size of the skateboard. You can easily buy the bag, or it also comes with a skateboard, so there is no need to worry about it.


4. Functional Backpack:

This functional backpack is very much similar to the standard one, but it has more packets and more features, so it is very useful while travelling. You can use this backpack for 1-2 days of travelling, and it is easily washable.


5. Rucksack Backpack:

The Rucksack is a different kind of backpack from and traditional one. This one also has some more pockets and a unique design compared to others. The bag is available online and offline. It gives more space for your items and is easy to carry.


6. Hydration Backpack:

This is the best backpack for people who love hiking and travelling in the mountains. It has different pockets and spaces where you can carry different things and special water bottle spaces to add your water bottle.

types of backpacks

7. Laptop Backpack:

A laptop backpack is especially for a laptop and its accessories; yes, you can use it for other purposes if your laptop is not working, but people mostly prefer the laptop bag because it is the safest place for the device.

types of backpacks

8. Knapsack Backpack:

It is a mixture of a drawstring and a traditional backpack. You can have fun with this backpack and add your little bit of stuff for short trips. It is also useful while shopping and going to college or a job. So you can use it wisely.

types of backpacks

9. Tote Backpack:

It is especially a beach backpack; you can add your beach attire and pack them easily. All kinds of beach stuff space are available. So need to carry a heavyweight backpack to relaxing places.

types of backpacks

10. Rolling Backpack:

Nowadays many people use to take this rolling backpack during travelling because it is to carry everywhere and it can be fit at small places easily. You can carry it anywhere with the essential items and enjoy the trip. It won’t take up so many spaces.

types of backpacks

11. Duffel Backpack:

This kind of backpack helps you carry more than 1 people’s attires and items. If you’re going with your family and friends, then pack your bags and have fun with them. It is mainly used for small picnic kinds of trips. So please don’t wait and purchase it now.

types of backpacks

12. Athletic Backpack:

Well, we all know that athletes need more things than normal people. They carry all their exercise and shake items so they don’t feel low during their trip. So for athletes, this is the best backpack to purchase, and they can easily carry it with them anywhere.

types of backpacks

13. Anti-Theft Backpack:

Yes, it is new on the market, but this backpack seems similar to any traditional backpack. But when you watch it carefully, you can see hidden zippers and pockets that help you hide a small amount of money in it.



This backpack guide helps you choose your favorite backpack for the trip. All types of backpacks are useful to make your trip easy and efficient. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to contact us.

13 Types of Backpacks: Backpacks Styles guide
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13 Types of Backpacks: Backpacks Styles guide
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