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Clinicient EMR Software – A Complete Guide 2021

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Clinicient EMR

Clinicient is a therapy-specific EMR software that aims to improve the therapist experience by providing an all-in-one solution. Clinicient offers a web-based EMR that integrates patient registration, scheduling, medical recording and documentation, and billing solutions for outpatient rehabilitation treatment practices. In addition, it enables users to manage end-to-end clinical procedures in a single location. It also allows for customizable user profiles that let you spend less time charting and more time focusing on the needs of the patients.

Organizations can successfully manage schedules, integrating into current systems if needed. Clinicient’s documentation suite was created for and by therapists to simplify charting while remaining compliant. Moreover, business analytics solutions enable practitioners to measure essential metrics on-demand, offering meaningful insight into the health of their practices.


Critical Advantages of Clinicient EMR Software

Single Patient Record: Using a single patient record, you can eliminate the duplicate effort and verify that claims always match documentation.

Automated Billing: With Clinicient EMR, you can automate billing and collection tasks such as insurance eligibility and benefit verification, denial handling, claim revisions, and remittance advice, among others.

Optimized Charges: Clinicient EMR allows for automatic charge gathering and aggregation, optimizes billable units, validates charges before claim submission, and more.

Improved Cash Flow: Clinicient top EMR software automates claims processing, denial management, and analytical tools to improve revenue.

Financial Health Analysis: You can get a comprehensive analysis of the financial health of your medical setup using practice metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks in Clinicient EMR.

Dashboard Reporting: Clinicient enables you to identify performance concerns for prompt and appropriate action.


Clinicient EMR Software – Top Features

Your front desk is a patient’s first point of contact with your clinic, as well as the key to collecting essential patient information. Everything your front desk staff needs to serve and engage patients quickly is right at their fingertips with Clinicient EMR. Everything is available, from booking treatment appointments and managing patient accounts to tracking insurance changes and collecting co-pays.



With Clinicient EMR, you can access data and statistics from other network users seamlessly. Interoperability is a handy tool because it provides you more insight into particular problems, helps you make a faster diagnosis, and enables you to develop better treatment plans. In addition, when you have more data at your disposal, you can have a more incredible picture of what is going on.

You will not feel alone with Clinicient EMR because you have access to a wealth of data that will assist you in figuring things out in a more supportive and interactive environment.


Customizable Templates

Any software you use should provide you with a plethora of template possibilities from which to choose so that you can always find the appropriate match. This feature is available with Clinicient EMR, and you can even alter the template to your liking.

When you can select your template, you have the advantage of being able to adapt to it more quickly. This feature allows you to enter client information into it more quickly, allowing you to do tasks at a much faster speed. According to the Clinicient EMR reviews, this feature streamlines the documentation process to a great extent.


Patient Portal

Clinicient EMR provides your patients with access to a portal that allows them to complete various chores relevant to their treatment with you. The portal assists in everything from organizing appointments to securely communicating with you via a messaging platform.

With this program, you may concentrate on therapy rather than administrative responsibilities such as arranging appointments and sending appointment reminders. As a result, your patients can plan their visits, and the software sends appointment reminders automatically. Overall, this feature alone saves you a significant amount of time and effort. You can view the various capabilities of the patient portal during the Clinicient EMR demo.



Having a telehealth function in your program is essential these days, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic gripping the world and making movement so tricky. With a telehealth option, you can easily book appointments online and virtually see your patients.

Aside from that, you can have access to a broader client base because clients who are stationed remotely and cannot physically travel to meet you, preventing them from booking an appointment, can now easily see you with this function! The Clinicient EMR demo gives you an overview of the Telehealth feature.


Clinicient EMR Pricing

You can contact the vendor to get the Clinicient EMR pricing as the software does not display it publicly.


Clinicient EMR Reviews


  • Clinicient offers a quick and straightforward approach to document information. You can tailor the documentation process to your specific needs and tastes. Moreover, you can customize treatment templates, clinical reports, and surveys, in addition to content libraries.
  • Clinicient’s EMR software includes advanced reporting and analytics features to help you make the most out of your time. These tools look for any red flags that could impede a facility’s growth or operations. The system then provides instructions on how to deal with these potential dangers.
  • The program is becoming more user-friendly as it is updated regularly. The drop-down menus aid not only in the simplicity of documenting but also in generating future treatment plans.



  • When there is a system upgrade, the system malfunctions, and users can sometimes not view the previously modified attachments.

Should You Invest in Clinicient EMR Software?

Clinicient’s medical software is explicitly aimed at therapists who conduct speech, occupational, and physical therapy and provides them with a system that balances a facility’s clinical and financial functions. The system has proven to improve operational efficiencies by offering well-thought-out documentation and note-taking software. Moreover, it optimizes finances by automating billing methods and improves clarity by creating insightful reports.

However, we recommend booking a Clinicient EMR demo before directly acquiring the software. The demo will enable you to explore the multiple robust features offered by the software. Furthermore, you can evaluate the software in an actual setting, hence making a more informed decision. Additionally, we suggest going through its reviews to gain more insight into the softwares’ features from a current users’ perspective.

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