Rating Chart And Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother Sewing Machine Rating Charts And Reviews


Do you think putting an investment in Brother Industry is worth it? And do know which one of their products is best suitable for your need? Read our brother sewing machine reviews and learn about features, rates, quality, and a lot more.

Since this company makes all kinds of products for every type of level. It includes domestic, computerized, and business. You can find all types of embroidery, quilting and, sergers machinery here.

They provide several options for different skills, like starting from beginners to top-notch professionals. This industry was first developed in Nagoya Japan.

Moreover, they serve as suppliers in top runway projects. Keep reading this article to get more insights about this industry and its products.

Rating Table

Here is the rating chart of best brother sewing machine reviews.

Model Consumer Ranking
Brother PQ1500S quilting and sewing machine 97.0
Brother XR3774 sewing machine 95.5
Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine 93.3
Brother GX37 sewing machine 92.0
Brother Runway Project CS5055PRW sewing machine 90.4


Models And Brother Sewing Machine Reviews

  • PQ1500S

If you are looking for a fast one that is great for quilting and seamstresses, choose the most rated PQ1500S. For the people who want to work on large projects, this provides the facility of an extension table.

The performance of it is so strong, that you can do needlework on literally any thick fabric. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, so it doesn’t create noise. It consists of a host of accessories.

So, beginners can find difficulty in reaching and loading the bobbin.


  • Several features for quilting
  • Fast, quiet and, smooth functioning
  • Quality stitches
  • Knee lift and sews thick fabric


  • Difficult for accessing and loading the bobbin
  • Tough needle threader
Source Consumer Grading Overall Rating
Amazon 4.9/5 15
Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew 4.75/5 4
Epinions 4.5/5 2
Sewing Machines Plus 5/5 2


  • XR3774

If you are here to find something negative about it, it may not be your day. This one comes with the easiest setup system and operating procedure. The ranking is pretty good. And it is also budget-friendly.

It doesn’t matter if you just put your foot in this area, or are an experienced professional, it suits you best for everyone.

However, for advanced large projects, the options may be limited.


  • Comprehensive setup and functioning
  • Better LED over the area
  • Famous oversized table
  • Cost-effective
  • DVD with instructions and manual


  • Difficult needle threader
  • Absence of foot adjustment
Source Customer Ranking Overall Score
Amazon 4.8/5 148
Overstock 4.6/5 8
Target 4.5/5 9


  • XR9550PRW

This is one of that computerized sewer machinery that is mostly used for runway projects. The stitches are very neat and smooth. Also, it comes with many accessories. For beginner level, it is most easy to use and work with.

Thread jamming, tension, and other issues are its downfall. However, the owner’s positive feedbacks overcome this side.

Also, it is different from X9550 that is not used in Runway Projects and this one does.


  • Reliable to work and good for newbies
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Many accessories and features
  • Manual and helping DVD instructions
  • Smooth operate and lightweight


  • LED is dim
  • Difficult usage of Automatic threader
  • Tough to repair
Source Customer Ranking Overall Score
Amazon 4.7/5 1343
Home Depot 4.5/5 30
Walmart 5/5 6
Sewing Machines Plus 4/5 4

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  • Project Runway CS5055PRW

This is one of the most affordable bunches of project runways. For the majority of people, it is very good and bangs for your buck. It is lightweight and handy for people who take them within classes.

The built-in stitch and LED light make it suitable for Sewing Crafter. You can get it from literally every store within the price range of $100 to $200.


  • Convenient for early setup and operation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well written and understandable manual
  • Works well on thick fabric
  • Several embroidery options
  • Neither large nor heavy
  • Reliable bobbin loading


  • Less bright LED
  • Plastic parts in the construction
  • Storage compartments are small
Source Customer Ranking Overall Score
Amazon 4.6/5 97
Walmart 4.4/5 140
Overstock 4.7/5 45
Joanna 4.8/5 8
J & R 4.5/5 4
JCPenney 4.5/5 2
QVC 3.0/5 1

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