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User Generated Content – 8 Benefits of UGC


Does your business benefit from all the pictures and blogs, video testimonials, reviews, and other content that are being created for your brand? User-generated content, also known as UGC is the 21st-century word-of-mouth marketing method and must be integrated into any marketing plan of every company.

Nowadays, more and more customers are turning to content that is being developed by other people. Why? It’s because the majority of people believe in natural, user-generated content more than traditional advertisements!

With assistance from your loyal followers and customers and a brand ambassador platform. So there’s no way to predict what could occur. When you reward them for their willingness with content, different groups are able to be reached, and ideas for new ones are gathered and put into updates to your products for your company.

Imagine a brand’s loyalty to a client when they see their content and ideas being published on the website of a brand! Keep in mind that customers should be paid with respect to the work they put into making content. For instance, one blog post should earn less than a simple sticker!

If you or your business was hesitant to utilize user-generated content in past. Then continue reading to learn about the many advantages it can bring to the market in this ever-changing environment.

Take a look at the example ambassador programs playbook to understand how brands are expanding their programs for ambassadors to thousands of people and millions of items made up of UGC on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and millions in referral revenues.

8 ways that User-Generated Content can help your brand

Build Brand Loyalty

User-generated content can be used to increase brand loyalty in a variety of ways. One strategy is to promote an important cause within your business and encouraging customers to take part and share their content to help the cause. Rewards customers for their work and let them share the cause of your brand by sharing their social media followers’ content to increase reach and build brand loyalty. Another strategy that is successful is to find ambassadors to produce and share content to earn discounts and rewards. When they receive discounts, ambassadors are more likely to purchase more often, resulting in a growth in brand loyalty as time passes.

Provide Social Evidence

The content created by customers can help your brand share examples and narratives about the experiences that customers experience. Prior to making a purchase human beings are wired to look for proof or “social evidence” of the product or service in order to reduce the risk of buyer’s regret. Blogs, testimonials from customers, and product reviews to ease minds of prospective customers and provide their social proof that they require.

Capture Attention

In the case of authentic content, you should highlight other customers’ positive impressions of your company. If customers can to make connections between them and your company, a purchase is more likely to happen. This is because 93 percent of consumers Finding UGC useful in making an informed purchase. One great way to capture the attention of consumers is GoPro cameras that highlight the action-packed customer videos, which can help create the same emotions among prospective customers.

Grow Reach

Engage loyal customers employees, micro-influencers and employees to be the brand’s ambassadors. Let them write content to promote your brand, and send it out to their followers. Imagine the number of followers you could get when you have 100 ambassadors who promoted your brand’s message through social media.

Stop Ad Blindness

User-generated content doesn’t appear like an ad for a traditional business. The majority of people are suffering from Ad Blindness or in other terms, are becoming less responsive to advertisements. Make sure you rotate ads on your website and also include content created by users frequently. This draws people into your site and makes to keep them engaged with the brand’s messages. For instance, Millennials said that content created by users is 35 percent longer lasting and is 50% trustworthy than other forms of media.

Reduce Costs

Content from users can be a low-cost part in your budget for marketing. Instead of searching for expensive models, famous personalities or photographers, you can get your most enthusiastic customers to become brand ambassadors. Give ambassadors discounts to your goods as a reward for the content they write. An excellent instance could be Jone’s Soda who continually runs an opportunity for customers to submit pictures to be displayed in their bottles of soda. Imagine the effort, time, and cost Jone’s Soda saves by leaving the design of their labels for their consumers!

The authenticity

User generated content can help make your brand more human. When a brand makes use of content created by users through its site or on a social media, it puts the consumer at the forefront of your brand. Being able to put a customer in the forefront allows prospective customers to develop a connection with the person they are interacting with and look up their recommendations. A study conducted by Nielson Global revealed an average of 42% customers prefer an endorsement from a person than content that is branded.


Eighty percent of millennials believe that content created by users can be a great gauge of the quality. When you get brand ambassadors to produce content to promote your brand, you’d be on the right path to capture the majority of the market for millennials!


User-generated content is as easy as that. Get some of your most loyal customers to become ambassadors for your brand right now. Let ambassadors create posts for followers. They can then utilize their great content to your followers too. If you do this, you will put your company ahead of its competitors and will be much more successful in creating brand loyalty and lasting value.

It’s been a while since the times of conventional marketing. It’s time to adopt a new method of approaching. In the present, 90% of consumers’ buying choices are influenced by user-generated content!

It’s the time to begin developing relationships and giving customers the ability to share their stories, write material. Also provide customers with the proof of their social status they require. Influence prospective customers’ purchasing decisions by using a simple strategy User-generated Content.

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