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7 Most Promising Service Marketplace Ideas

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The ecommerce industry has faced many evolutions in recent decades. Initially ecommerce platforms were selling products alone and then it started to deliver services to customers at their doorstep. This remarkable change is widely appreciated and thus service marketplace platforms started gaining heavy response with their ideas.

The growth of on-demand service marketplace platforms can be easily understood with the statistical report.

  • 85% of Americans spend on on-demand video services.
  • Netflix is the leading digital video service that holds 151 million subscribers and Amazon Prime shares the next place with 71 million subscribers.
  • After Covid-19, a massive growth has been recorded in online grocery platforms. The daily downloads of grocery platforms has increased 218% by the end 2020.
  • 44 million smartphone users use food delivery apps and this is expected to reach 60 million by the end of 2021.
  • As per Technavio market research analysis, the on-demand home service market will rise by 49% in 2021.
  • 69% of customers state that they prefer service marketplace platforms as they get the service on the same day.

The above mentioned statistics clearly shows the commendable future of online service marketplace platforms. Let us find out the most promising service marketplace ideas that will be more supportable for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Home Services

Every house needs proper and periodic maintenance. Home services include electrical maintenance, plumbing works, building renovation, decorations, and other repairs. So home service marketplace platforms are always top of the list when you plan to build a service platform. A steady growth is recorded in this sector and has grown 49% CAGR compared to 2020.

You will face heavy competition as there are numerous service marketplace platforms that focus on home services. All you need is to have a dedicated mobile application that will make you stand alone among your competitors. Pay more attention to the user-interface and make it more user-friendly that will make visitors stay in your service marketplace website and get the service they want.

Beauty Salons and other personal care

The global beauty industry is $ 550 billion US dollar business. This shows how much people care about their personal health and beauty. The known fact is women hold a high ratio in spending for beauty. So the online beauty salon service marketplace comes under the most promising segment.

Making appointments can be done in seconds by using the beauty service marketplace platform. Customers can even pay for the service through the platform. The common and familiar services that will be available in any of the beauty service platforms are hairdressing, facials, manicure, pedicure and many more.

Laundry and dry cleaning service

The on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service marketplace was gaining revenue of $9358 in 2016 and with steady growth the same sector is expected to reach $96.155 which is 10 times the previous value. This service marketplace platform works under a complete automation process and users can track their service with real-time tracking features.

With advancement of technology, users can experience less turn-around service time. Users and service providers can have live dashboards that will give a clear picture about pending orders and transaction details. You can also add CRM service to your service marketplace platform that will enhance your business operations.

Freelance services

Work from home has become a trendy job for most individuals in recent days. Women who need to take care of their family and career can become a freelancer and earn while they stay at home. So there is a wide opportunity for freelance service marketplace platforms. There is enough space for the growth of the freelance service marketplace.

Users can get clear insight about the performance of their service marketplace software. Can make customers share their reviews and ratings regarding the service they get through your platform and this will help you to enhance the service quality and the platform functionality in a better way.


Transportation service marketplace is really a useful platform for users as they can book their vehicle and can plan their travel easily. The investment made on on-demand transportation service marketplace has tripled when compared with the investment made in the last 4 years. Technological innovation is the key reason for this massive growth.

With exclusive apps features, users will be able to find the nearby vehicle and will get the estimation before the drive. The estimation is calculated according to the distance and time.  Once they complete the drive they can use any of the payment options available with the platform and can pay them online.


Education is the leading service industry that is very essential and unavoidable. Virtual learning is an emerging trend in recent days. Today even every company prefers this service platform to train their new employees about their products and their company policies. To get promoted, employees need to upgrade themselves by learning more about their core through the service platform.

Tutoring services can be more flexible with the help of service marketplace platforms. The marketplace will have customization options that will make the tutors have their teaching in their own ways. Even students can learn through their smartphones as the service platform comers with mobile applications with separate user-interface for trainer and the trainee.

Automobile repair and maintenance

With the reliable service marketplace platform, the automobile industry can get better revenue. There is a vast potential for vehicle wash and repair services. People prefer service centers to have a car wash rather than doing it on their own. This has created a greater demand for an online service marketplace for automobiles alone.

There is also a wide increase in the usage of vehicles and since there are more vehicles there is greater need for this service. With a potential service marketplace users will be able to find out the neat service centers and can book their appointments and will get their service at their door steps.


Before setting your mind on building a service marketplace website, you need to analyze all key aspects that will help you in getting your platform to lead well in the market. Go through all the above ideas and select the one that suits your business model and proceed with your execution. Let your online service marketplace platform rule the market with all extensive features.

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