How should I choose the right lipstick for a different occasion?


If you are a makeup lover, you might have gone through many situations where you get stuck how to choose the right lipstick color for various occasions.

With endless options and hoarding, many lipsticks make this selection process even more complicated. So, I’m here to help you make your selection process easier by providing you with some tips to select the right lipstick color that can go with your costume, occasion, and skin tone.

For Different Skin Tones

If you know about the type of skin tone you have been blessed with, it will definitely help you select the perfect shade. Generally, there are three groups of skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Warm skin tone: 

  •      Fair or light skin tone:pink or peachy nude shades.
  •      Medium or deep skin:bronze and copper shades.


Cool skin tone:

  •      Fair or light skin tone: peachy nudes or soft mocha.
  •      Medium skin: cranberry or pink shades.
  •      Tan or deep skin: wine or ruby shades.


Neutral skin tone:

  • These people will have a wide spectrum of colors as an option. Combining both warm and cool skin tones.

If you are in doubt, then go with the nude shades! These shades will be awesome for an idle Sunday or when you have no clue about what to wear. You can buy amazing branded lipsticks at exciting discounts by using DealMeCoupon.


For Parties and Picnic

Going to parties and picnics is always fun, but when it comes to selecting the lipstick color, it will be a great dilemma. Choosing the right shade will make you look more attractive.

However, If you settle somewhere between the red and pink shades, i.e. blushing rose.

Even the tea rose color is perfect for various outdoor events from picnics, parties, engagements, baby showers, birthday parties, and many more.



When it comes to your profession, you must dress up perfectly well to look more confident and brighten up your gorgeous smile, which will complete your look and make you ever-ready for any presentation. So, you cannot go wrong with the selection of your lipstick color.

Soft pink is the everyday shade you can wear either at the office or at any job interview. It will inflate the natural color of your lips and make you glow more.

You must keep yourself away from drying matte lipsticks and go for long wear moisturizing formula, which will provide you with long-lasting wear that will make you look more credible as a professional.


Evening Events

Evening events are always delightful; even it may be any party, engagement, or wedding. Every girl wants to look iconic and extremely eye-catching.

You can wear gorgeous red lipstick. It will enhance your charm and make you look immensely well. This shade can also be worn whenever you are having any important meeting, dream date, or occasion where you need a power lip!


Traditional Festivals or Marriages

When it comes to selecting lipstick colors for traditional festivals and marriages, it is damn complicated to select anyone from the rest of the hoarding because you need to select the shade which must go with the dress and jewelry you wear.

You cannot compromise with the shades you wear on these auspicious events. After all, it’s a matter of selfies and various pictures you are going to click.

So, worry not, I’m here to suggest some colors you can go ahead with like Pink, Coral, Brown, Nude Pink, Maroon, Fuchsia, Cherry reds, or any color that must compliment your outfit and jewelry.


Night Outs

If you are planning for a night out, then lip color can make or spoil your look. So whenever going for any night out, then lip color is always among the uppermost priority because a wrong selection can be disastrous.

Matte, sheer or glossy, doesn’t matter what your preference is! Choose a bold red color lipstick and step out in swag. Whether you are wearing traditional wear, a little black dress or stunning skirt, or any other, be comfortable in your skin and style.


For Trips and Holidays

Finding the perfect lipstick for traveling is such a daunting task. For a traveler, making the makeup last for longer hours is very challenging.

Choosing the right lipstick for holidays seems to play a very crucial role to enrich your attractiveness. So instead of carrying your entire lipstick collection to the vacation, you must select a rose shade. It will go all day long and will complement your entire holiday trip.


No Makeup Look

It seem too simple when you master playing with the nudes or are well aware of pairing them. No doubt, you cannot be popping with dark colors and red lippies for sure.

Single mistakes in a non-makeup look and ruin your entire look. So, to protect yourself from this disaster, you must choose your makeup product wisely. It’s more about hiding your mascara, blush, and lipstick.

You can go ahead with nude lipstick; it will enhance your natural beauty and make it a great fit for any occasion. Velvet rose, soft brown matte, glossy pink, rosy mauve, satin nude, pink lip stain are good options.

These are just some tips to groom yourself but remember you are your kind of beauty. You can wear any color which you love too at any point in time! There are no restrictions on it unless you are comfortable while wearing it.

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