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Best Magento Extensions to Increase Conversions for Your eCommerce Store


Magento is one of the most successful eCommerce platforms. One of the best features is the open-source nature of the software. This allows developers all over to provide a variety of valuable tools. If you are looking to boost your conversion rate, they should be taking advantage of all the fantastic Magento extensions. These extensions take all the burden of heavy web development off your shoulders. Each one is simple to install and featured-packed to make your eCommerce store the best it can be.


Made just for Magento, the LiveChat extension aids connect you straight to customers. A chat window is displayed on your website’s page, and whenever you want, you can send out direct messages to see if a customer needs any help. Or the customer can initiate the conversation themselves. 

The extension is fully customizable. You can change the appearance, layout, placement and add any greetings you want. You’ll also get information on the contents of the shopper’s cart. This way, you know exactly how to help them.

Live chats have always been a fantastic tool for helping customers get the answers they need quickly. This tool also gives a chance to push that final sale or up sale into more products. All significant aspects for better conversion rates. 


Email lists are a vital tool in online marketing. You should always be sending out newsletters and promotions to your customers through email. With eMailChef, you can manage all the finer details through this extension. You’ll get a statistical overall of how all your marketing material is doing. Once you sync your store’s data with the extension, you can update customers in real-time. eMailChef is also compatible with multiple stores at once. You have the option to combine data between each one or create separate mailing lists and updates. 

You can also set up automatic email notifications for customers. Informing them when they earn onsite rewards, leave any items in their cart, or follow up with previous buyers. Each message can be personalized as well based on the customer’s profile. This allows for more targeted content towards their location, gender, or interests. All of these factors contribute significantly to getting those conversions. 

Ultimate FAQ: 

Answering a customer’s questions automatically saves you and their time. A good FAQ proves invaluable in these cases. When you are not around to answer, your FAQ is, getting those conversions simultaneously. The Ultimate FAQ is a quick and easy way to set up everything you need. It is well organized, and there are no hurdles to adding, updating, or editing the FAQ page. You can choose to label information under specific categories. Plus, add an option for customers to submit direct questions if needed. The whole program takes away a big chunk of the work for customer support. 

There are some options to customize the appearance and layout of the FAQ as well. You can manage multiple store pages at once, and only the admin can make immediate changes. An FAQ is standard practice for all the best eCommerce stores. They are also a common trick used by Magento development companies to help boost voice search SEO. This works because of the unique longtail keyword phrasing of FAQs. The benefits here are obvious, so make sure to pick up an FAQ tool. 

Loyalty Program (by Amasty):

Customers love to earn rewards. If you are looking for an easy way to gain repeat customers, then a loyalty program is the way to go. This extension lets you build a reward system however you want. Design targeted deals, special discounts, and points based on the purchase value of the customer. You can adjust the details of the different rewards based on how often the customer shops or how long they have been a loyal repeat buyer, among other characteristics. 

To avoid any confusion, you can set up all the loyalty system’s rules and conditions. Display them directly to your store page so a customer knows exactly how to earn rewards. They can track their status in their profile, helping to encourage more buys. 

You can also divide customers up into groups. This gives you the option to track customer buying habits individually. You have the choice to then send out rewards automatically or can choose to give them to customers on your own. Manual rewards can be used as an innovative tool whenever you are looking to close a deal. 

There are many other features to adjust, including setting rewards based on an average purchase, total purchases, cart value, or customer attributes. Their options are to set base prices for discounts, add free shipping, offer multiple deals at once, bonuses for a register, and more beyond that. This extension is the complete package. 

Delivery Date Scheduler:

This extension is an excellent quality of life addon for customers. Missing packages due to travel, bad shipping, or other problems are not uncommon. The Delivery Date Scheduler gives the customer much more flexibility in deciding when to receive their package. They can choose the best times and dates and keep track of the shipment the whole way. It also helps you stay on top of delivery deadlines. If a package does get lost, you’ll have a detailed record to hunt down where things went wrong. 


There are many more extensions you can find for Magento. Things to help you with language translation, product checkout, product reviews, shipping assistance, and contact information. Take some time to review what others have to offer. 

You can find many of the Magento extensions we have covered over on the Magento Marketplace. It is a great website that covers everything related to extensions and themes for Magento. Everything there is professionally designed and verified to support the platform. You can also view extensions by category, including what is new and popular right now. Now that you have all the tools to increase your conversion rate get out there, and start building sales!

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