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Best Places in India that should put your travel bucket list


Being a wanderlust seems to be an incurable disease. No matter how much you travel, how many places you visit, unlimited experiences are always waiting for you. The good news is that you don’t have to always travel across the globe to experience something magical and beautiful. You can find the most wonderful and unexplored places in your country as well. 

The fabled land of India is vastly known for the history it holds and the diversity it is rich in. India is known to be one of the most traveled destinations across the globe. This country is the birthplace of so many cultures and traditions that travelers travel to experience the retreat in India. Even if you are from India, there is so much to explore for you. 

So, with your passports tucked away, check out some best domestic places that you can travel to, with all safety measures due to the ongoing pandemic, and the adventures that you can experience through your trip. 

The Assi Ghat – Varanasi

Varanasi – a city that is regarded holy by Hindus and Buddhists is an intriguing part of India. With Ganga flowing from this city, you can feel the essence of spirituality in Varanasi. Walking along the ghats in Uttar Pradesh’s holiest city is an experience one cannot forget. 

One such famous ghat is the Assi Ghat of Varanasi. While this holy city is alive throughout the day, the Assi ghat is known for death and rebirth. Here you can watch the cremation in the morning and Ganga aarti in the night. 

Sadhus, babas, aghoris, all of them spend their days down at this ghat. You will find all kinds of Hindu rituals performed at this ghat. The most beautiful thing to experience at Assi Ghat is the Ganga Aarti which is performed by seven pandits at 4 in the morning along with the sunrise right above The Ganges. 

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The backwaters of Kerala

If you ever want the aesthetic beauty that nature has, the backwaters of Kerala are the place to experience it. The backwaters are a chain of lakes along the Arabian Sea. They are a place that should never be missed out on. The backwaters of Kerala are considered to be the number destination for tourists in India. The ferries here will take you anywhere. And the most exciting thing is that you can hire a houseboat for staying! 

You can experience the boat racing that happens in the Kuttanad region. This place is a must-visit, not only because it is very beautiful, but also because it leaves you serene. The colors of nature mix so well here that it makes you want to sit there and just adore nature for hours. 

Kapaleeshwarar Temple – Chennai

The whole south of India probably has the most beautiful temples! Similarly, one of them is the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. This temple’s towers were said to be the tallest structure in India in the olden times! Chennai is the most spiritual region in the south. It has so many exquisite Hindu temples and many are ruins as well. 

The Kapaleeshwarar Temple is solely dedicated to Lord Shiva with beautifully crafted towers, also called gopuram, in rainbow colors. It is next to the Marina beach. This temple will tell you the true power of Hindu spirituality and will leave you in awe.  

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Gadi Sagar – Jaisalmair

Jaisalmer is called the golden city by the people staying here. This is because the architecture in this city is of yellow sandstone and matches the Thar desert, which seems like it is trying to hide. And in the middle of this dry city is its lifeline called the Gadi Sagar. 

Also Gadi Sagar is the most well-known tourist attraction in the city of Jaisalmer. It is a man-made lake that has its golden gates and is surrounded by a bunch of temples and ghats. It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset that dips into the desert and leaves a reflection in the water. This place is the most beautiful in India as it gives you a mixture of desert and the most beautiful man-made lake!  


So traveling is the most interesting and fun thing to do. Exploring places and their kind of living seems compelling. And since our country is filled with riveting places that are needed to be explored, go ahead and pack your bags to travel around your own country first! Visit us

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