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Chadar Trekking Short Guide: Do you make it very special?


Chadar Trek is living in the city and looks for the opportunity to have the freedom of his diligent life for a while. After that, someone needs to perform a special natural beauty, why should they be protected? Chadar trucks are very different magazines, so travel at a high degree of 13,000 feet at a temperature of approximately 25 °. The trekking experience of The Aqua Blue ice line between the quiet wind and the calm mountains of chocolate is your own experience.  This trip is classified as the main level of difficulty for the walk because you need a lot of activities. You must also have an appropriate guide before starting this trip. This travel sidewalk is approximately 105 km, and Trekker runs from 15 to 17 km a day.

Chadar Trek The town on the trail is falling with her. Trekker will reach these two towns on another day during his trip.

Hell: This is one of the two villages that Trekker carries its end. The sunset view of this point is worth observing. Tourists definitely click on some images of this point. After looking at the attractive frozen waterfall and the great cave of the Tibb, Tecker will reach this town. This town acts as the main basic camp of the Chadar trek. Trek will go to the traces of a steep mountain to reach the Village of Newark.

The facilities of this town family are not perfect, but they are not a health pharmacy that is not a sun factory. Students also have housing schools in this town where students learn basic levels. All the basic items, including the payment, are purchased and taken in a small settlement of Wonla in this town, which is far away and is located near Los Angeles. Only the traces of Chadar Trek link to the people of Herca with the external world.


Trekker reaches the village of Lingshed. This town is full of a lot of natural beauty. This monastery is a famous attraction. Now, hikers visit popular tourist attractions such as Gyalpo and Bicycles. Gyalpo is an attractive camp in the Zankar River meadow. In this area, travelers will find an impressive peak and a large natural rock that is naturally spoken naturally.  Diesokma is another stopping point on the Chadar track. Now, travelers can enjoy the views of the Himalayas, which is also known as the quieter point of travel.

The night traveler wins the opportunity to see the sky full of stars. Chadar Trek is known in his camp conditions and the raw variability temperature, Tecker will have some examples that were asked to maneuver the traps and the cold stones and stones through difficult terrain. This trip is classified as the main level of difficulty for the walk because you need a lot of activities. You must also have an appropriate guide before starting this trip.

Ice Line Aqua Azul Blue Chocher from Zanskar River, formed by the River Zanskar, is the main factor that specials travel to Chadotreck.

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Lifeguards Suggestions: Training Control

When taking the river, it is recommended that someone share the calendar to go to Chadar Trek with a member of at least one friend or family member. This ensures that you have someone to help in an emergency.

It is recommended to bring warm clothes.

They are recommended to tourists to bring many food and water that can be eaten with them, as they can be insufficient for food and water during their trip.

Do not forget that someone brings the first aid kit and medicine. Travelers participate in activities that require a lot of deployment and, often, make a bright and light cut while traveling. 

You have to make sure that the track of the track is clean, can not contaminate the tracking or throw something while traveling. Tourists also recommend that you do not use shampoo and waterfall soap.

People must respect the tranquility of all the temples that fall in the midst of all religions.

Do not ignore someone by following the instructions and advice provided by this guide. In the severe field of Chadar Trek, since Trek could be used to have a lot of energy, one of the meals was lost during your trip. For reference go on cruxair and book your Flights. 

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