Dangerous Roads In the World

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in the World


We all know that road trips are best and memorable, and it becomes more special when you are going with your friends. But beware, there are some dangerous roads where people also die or get handicapped. To drive on a scary road, a person must have an experienced driver or a local person aware of the roads. Some reasons make roads scary, such as bad weather, poor road construction, a new rider, incapable rider, drunk driver, night driving, etc.

If we take care of all the above things, then there are the scariest roads in the world where people have to face lots of problems and don’t want to go back there. So let’s move forward and know about such places.

Skippers Canyon Road (New Zealand):

In the past, this place was popular for gold miners, and to get the gold from that area, people create this road after the struggle of 7 years. Every year 100 people died in this place. The road was built in 1890, and many people are travelling. Well, only expert drivers can ride on this road, and without any extra burden.

Butcher of Extreme (France):

This place is in France, and drivers have to drive very carefully. From this place, men and women drivers use to carry heavy loads and went to their places. This place is really bad during the monsoon season, and it also covers wild animals, so it is tough to ride a truck in this bad weather.

Stelvio Pass (Italy):

This road creates a zig-zag layout across many miles. It is one of the highest passes to drive along in the European Alps. It is considered as the best road in 2008. The zig-zag layout makes the road dangerous to drive. The roads are created within the mountain, so it makes it more hazardous during the rainy or winter season. Many people lost their lives while riding on this road, so if you think to go on a drive, you must take an experienced rider to pass it; otherwise, leave it.

Sichuan Tibet Highway (China):

The road begins from Chengdu of Sichuan on the east and ends at Lhasa. This trip is especially for the bike riders, and many of them have death experiences in their life. This trip will take almost 15 days, and riders have to take care while driving. The first dangerous thing is the weather, the road are not constructed properly, and if the driver is new or drunk, then there are high chances of an accident. It is also on the India-China border, so if any tension occurs accidentally, riders get stuck on that. So be careful before beginning the ride and take care.

Carretera a los Yungas (Bolivia):

This road is known as the “route of death”, and it is 80 km long considered as world’s most dangerous road. But many people took this route to make the journey short from Bolivia to the Yungas region.

Guoliang Tunnel (China):

This tunnel is located in China, and it is considered the largest and most dangerous path in China. In 1970 the local people created this path to make the journey easy, and it covers 1.2 km of the mountain area, which cuts 3-4 hours of the people journey.

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Austrian Road, Kazakhstan:

This road joins Austria and Kazakhstan, and it is a 37-mile long road that connects to this country. Austro-Hungarian prisoners between 1915-1917 create this road. The path takes drivers from the 990-meter-high Bukhtarma vale up to the two,137-meter-high Burkhatskiy Pass in jap Kazakhstan. The view is completely enormous and unforgettable. The route pass through the national park that offers a beautiful view of the Kara-Koba River. Due to weather, sometimes the bridge gets rust, and it needs repair after the monsoon season, but still, it works great and is considered the most dangerous road on the list.

Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland:

The 13-mile Route 622 offers stunning views of Northwestern Icelandic coastline, including the Dýrafjördur and Arnarfjördur fjords. The Svalvogar Road links Thingeyri and Lokinhamrar across a region prone to avalanches, heavy snowfall, strong winds and landslides. The road is completely closed from November to April so that no one can ride on them.

Taroko Gorge Road (Taiwan):

Taroko means splendid, and the Truku tribe’s community gives this name. There is a national park also to attract the visitors and sometimes it is dangerous to visit there. The roads are sloppy, and sometimes landscapes also happen in the monsoon season. The gorge road is made up of tunnels carved into the mountain along the Taiwanese Grand Canyon, which connects the east and west coast of the country. The recent accident happens in 2012 where the bus driver and 13 passengers cannot cross the mountain and get rollover on the backside. Many people got injured, and a few of them died too.

Engineer Pass (USA):

This is also considered the most dangerous road globally because there is no cement road in this place. The truck drivers and other people have to take a risk on this dangerous road. On the one side of the road there are big stones which may fall in bad weather and on the other side there is a forest if any vehicle falls in it then no one can stay alive. Only experienced drivers are allowed to drive on this road, and during the bad weather, the roads are completely shut for the local drivers.

Rohtang Pass (India):

This spectacular road is located in the Himalayan mountain and is 8 km long. The government is still trying to create a perfect road, but the weather doesn’t allow people to construct the road. They are still trying to create a perfect road that will make travelling easy for the riders, but everyone has to wait. No one knows that how much time it will take.


These are just a few of them that are the most dangerous roads globally, but there are many. Therefore, all you need to do is take the major precautions to avoid road accidents and avoid driving during bad weather conditions.

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