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Are you thinking about how to storm and theft-proof your overhead? If you are living in an area of extreme weather, there is always a chance of your carport being prone to hurricanes and theft. If you are dealing with such a situation, call 24 hour garage door repair for upgrading and preventive measures.

Keeping the home safe is the priority. But the majority of people tend to forget about the security of their garages. Well, in such a situation, homeowners should perform essential steps to prevent.

In this article, we have put together all information you need to keep your carport secure and stormproof. Moreover, all of these are specifically collected from experts.


Helpful Security Tips For Every Home

1. Keep remote out of the car

This step is on the top because of its necessity for keeping overhead secure. Even keeping the remote in the car helps open the entrance. However, this poses serious security issues.

It can include the falling of the remote from the car. And anyone can pick it up on the road. On the other side, people tend to forget about locking their vehicles often.

Hence, anyone has access to the remote and can cause security issues. Another worst-case scenario is controller breakage. Or even the batteries can dead. That’s why you must keep it out of the vehicle.


2. Install smartphone app integrating opener

Another option of getting rid of the controller is installing a smartphone app. It is easy to use to control and manage the opener. Another feature of it is that it shows all the information about when it last opened.

Another association of it is with sensors, cameras, and the identity of people opening it. Since this app has a high-end password and fingerprint on the phone. Anyone will not be able to steal or access the home.


3. Apply frosted glass

Crimes happening in large numbers are opportunities for more crimes. Hence, it is essential to protect your home and carport from others seeing inside. Because when people are not able to see what’s inside, there is less temptation of stealing.

Then, there come the frosted glasses. These have proved so beneficial because of their ability to cover the view. They conceal the inside and along with enhancing the curb appeal.


4. Invest in motion lights

At last, invest in motion lights, and it will not lose. These lights work in a way that when someone comes closer, they start to give off signals. It will alert the homeowner, so they will know what’s happening there.

Also, these keep the thieves and intruders away from being caught. You can add these features with the help of garage door repair.


Quick storm tips by 24hr garage door repair

1. Install a hurricane-resistant overhead gate

Installing a hurricane-proof overhead can prevent any damage from extreme weather. These have specialized features like framing, twist resistance, and track system. These are consisting of highly durable steel.

Another option is buying an impact-resistant entryway. It comes with the same accessories but in a small portion. However, the benefits are the same as it protects the structure of the entrance from striking objects.

So when you think of installing the hurricane resistant, include the windows too. As these are more sensible from the carport, they are more prone to damage.

2. Decide on wind brace

If you don’t have a market that offers these specialized entrances, you can decide on wind braces. These give durability and strength to the building against extreme storms and wind. So if you are thinking about how it functions, it simply provides structure and support to the walls during typhoons.

Another benefit is that it’s less costly three times from installing a whole new automatic entryway.

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