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6 Python Programming Facts that Every Geek Should Know

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Python is one of the top-grossing programming languages and spreading rapidly worldwide. In fact, python app developers cherish its simplicity and comprehensive coding along with flexibility. As a result, several developers consider Python their preferred programming language, bearing in mind it’s intuitive and has an almost English-like coding environment. Above and beyond, Python proves to be exceptionally effective on many grounds, such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep learning, and many others.

Moreover, there are several interesting facts about Python that every geek should know. This article has gathered the six most interesting facts about Python.

IF: Interesting Fact. 

IF1: Why It’s Called Python?

You must wonder it’s a snake name – and perhaps names it after that. But No! that’s not the case here. Let’s go back from its beginning – back in December 1989, Guido Van Rossum (Python’s Creator) started a project just to keep himself engaged. After that, he perhaps thought to devise an easy scripting language for programmers. When he began this project, and also thought of numerous names before but chose Python. Why Python? At that process of naming the project – he recalled his favorite British comedy artist – Monty Python. So, out of nowhere, rather than being in a funny mood, he named his project after Monty Python’s last name – Python.

IF2: Zen of Python

Did you know there is a poem about Python? A significant member of the contributors of Python Community – Tim Peters, wrote a poem about Python. Do you know you can access this poem just by typing “import this” in your Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment)? Also, he names the poem – The Zen of Python. Zen means Peaceful and Calm. Perhaps he called it that because Python is easy and relaxing to code in, unlike other programming languages.

Some lines from the poem may intrigue you about the philosophy of Python:

“Beautiful is better than ugly.

Explicit is better than implicit.

Simple is better than nested.

The flat is better than nested. “ 

And so forth…

IF3: Follows Multiple Comparison

Moreover, Python follows the chain comparison at once. In other words, it’s able to check numerous conditions simultaneously. By the way, it is an excellent feature, unlike other programming languages, while its more compelling feature for Python app developers drives its users to stick to Python forever. Besides, this feature can help most developers to code all in once and reducing overheads of coding again and again – writing more conditions. 

IF4: Giant Companies Uses Python

Although Python mainly comes into use for developing websites and software, task automation, and data visualization. It is also used by countless non-programmers such as accountants, engineers, researchers, and scientists for various everyday tasks. That comprises data extraction from websites, organizing finances, etc. Not to mention, numerous newborn programmers get suggestions to use Python as it’s very easy to learn and implementable. So it is not only you – who admires Python. But multinational companies use Python due to its amazing features.

Some of the giant organizations that use Python:  

  • Google
  • NASA
  • IBM
  • Nokia
  • Yahoo

And many other projecting industries use Python.

IF5: No Braces and Compilers

To boot, Python is nothing like other high-level programming languages – Java and C++ that will show compilation errors if you forget to add a simple brace – semi-colon. On the other hand, Python tends to triumph the race here as well – it needs no braces, just indentation. Simple and Easy. By intending the Python code, it will be smooth and super-easy to read.    

Not only that, unlike other programming languages python, does not need a compiler. It only relies on the interpreter. More importantly, when you write a code in a .pyc file – it acts as a dynamic engine. That being the reason, Python got rid of the need for any compilers.

IF6: In France, people prefer Python over French

Do you know in France, Python has taken over? Yes. Python is the most popular language taught in primary schools over French. Not to mention out of 10, 6 parents favored their kids to learn Python instead of French. Exactly. When I listened to this, I was stunned yet content. Imagine what their kids grow up to be. I wish this practice must ensure among all schools worldwide. So, our kids become great Pythonista.


Although we may dig even deeper, these amazing facts about Python will never come to an end. Python has been growing ever since it was born. But then again, here we are! Treasuring Python and its outstanding features have undoubtedly crafted a buzz worldwide. More importantly, Python coding and its tools are so easy to use and implemented, it goes without saying that it will last in the trend of top programming languages for a long while. So, if you are a geek and don’t have anything to talk about to your fellow Python programmers, then share these Python Programming Facts with them. That sure will cheer up the gathering.

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