Tips for Cardboard Packaging for Cartridges

5 Tips for Cardboard Packaging for Cartridges: Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


If you’re in the vape business, you may already know the benefits of cardboard packaging. Cardboard is lightweight, easy to shape, and can be reused and recycled. Compared to plastic or glass vials, cardboard is about 50% cheaper (even more if you consider that it can be shipped flat).

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing vape packaging. Here are 5 tips for designing cardboard vape cartridge box packaging that will give your products a professional look while saving money.

1. Keep it simple

Primarily, you need to choose good-looking cardboard that will fit effortlessly into your product and help delineate its different parts. You should avoid cheaper bleached paper, instead opting for thick, heavy-duty matte paper for the outer and inner cartons.

Alternatively, you can also use bleached cardboard, though their appearance might be less professional. You can include a picture of your product or a clear indication of filling capabilities. These boxes can be especially helpful for beginners and people who have a hard time reading small print.

Make sure that the packaging is sufficiently large enough to accommodate all of your material, such as e-liquid, e-liquid dropper, atomizer, and cartridge. Make sure that it’s long enough to go just under the lip of your vape pen, giving you a good grip. Another caution is to choose packing media that will keep your content cool.

You can wrap your e-liquid and e-liquid refill in dense tissue and wrap tightly with cellophane to keep your product dry. Once you have selected a form of packaging, you’ll also need to determine the type of container your materials go into. Vape pens come in specific types, each of which fits into its own specific dimensions.

For e-liquid bottles, you can choose between different fill methods so you can get as much e-liquid as possible out of the bottle without overflowing. Make sure you include your expiration date on each refill. Make sure your materials are packaged in a way that makes it easy to compare different parts of your product. Along with the container, make sure your materials are packaged in a way that allows for easy disposal.

2. Use high-quality print and packaging to create a premium image

If you want to give your business a premium, high-end image, you need to use high-quality print and packaging. This can make a big difference to your product’s perceived value. You can get a premium feel even on a low-cost budget by using good-quality printing. Print is one of the most important elements of your vape products.

What you choose to use can have a big impact on the way it reflects both to your customers and potential converts. If you publish on PPT, you can save time editing your PDF, as well as streamline your workflow. Moreover if you’re going to use a laser printer, you can get the loudest, most beautiful results. If you’re printing on a colored sheet, you can make branding or company name pop easily.

Of course, if you plan to use graphic designer services, you may also choose a color-fast PDF to reduce toner costs. Also if you use unprinted materials, you can get professional-looking responses that work across platforms and devices. If you choose to use two-sided tape, it can be an excellent choice for wrapping your vape products. If you plan to take advantage of P3 (physical layer reversal), using double-sided tape for your packaging will save you time and money.

There are plenty of great options if you’re not a printer. However, if you are, most manufacturers choose to print on double-sided tape, paper, or glass. This is surprisingly often not the cheapest option. Using foil or polypropylene tape is also a high-tech alternative. UV light can also be used to eliminate surface texture. Keep it simple and consistent. Use only one type of tape to apply to all your products.

One of the main benefits of a flat vape carton is that it can be printed on almost every flat surface. However, you can still save a little money by going with a jam jar carton. The flat design gives your vape carton a professional touch while not annoying you.

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3. Ship flat to save money on shipping

If you’re a business owner, you may want to consider shipping your products flat. Shipping flat can save you money on shipping because you can fit more products in a box. “Flat-packing” your products also help to ensure that they arrive undamaged.

However, it also means designing your packaging for shipping may require some specific layout decisions and constraints. If you’re a new vaper or you don’t have a lot of space to work with and don’t want to trash your packaging every time you create an order, it’s perfect for recycling it, like paper.

Unfortunately, most packaging materials can’t be recycled and reused. Depending on your local regulations, if you create disposable packaging, you’re likely to be breaking the law. If you’re promoting your products in a way that involves the sale of your product, most countries will treat these products as waste. Depending on your packaging material, you can decide how complicated and how to “try-before-you-buy” recycling it.

The online packaging solutions is a must-have thing. Cardboard sleeve is safe and simple to recycle. To safely recycle vape cartridges, you can either crush them or grind them up and put them in your compost or in your washing machine. If you’re worried about the look of your vape cartridge packaging, take inspiration from other vapes.

The artwork has a strong impact on the look and feel of your vape. Of course, you don’t always have to be flashy. However, by using, recycling, and reusing vape packaging, you can design it to match your branding. Your artwork may be one of your most important assets — your branding is another.

Use your artwork to complement your brand and drive attention to your product. Your vape packaging can be just as important as your stickers and flyers to promote your products. Remember, your logo isn’t just an elemental logo. Your logo should work in harmony with your brand and product.

4. Use a design that’s easy to open to reduce returns or complaints

When you’re designing a package or a box, make sure it’s easy to open. When you’re designing a package, you’re designing something that someone will touch a lot, so it’s important that the package is easy to open. These cartons look so great, surrounded by other e-juice bottles.

These cartons are easy to open, and the juice flows smoothly through the sides of the carton. The lid helps to keep out the juice that spills. Bottom line: If it’s easy for people to open, it’s easier for them to vape your juice. Choose the correct size for your vaping device based on the size of your carton.

Carton sizes range from 8 grams to 2 grams and are categorized by Reynolds Wrap. Avoid giving the impression that it’s a paper product by using realistic-looking cardboard cutouts instead of photo-realistic cartoon cutouts. These stickers make your vaping look real, even if it’s just a cloud. And they’re wide enough to let you DIY-style tape the bottom.

Each sticker shows off the product name and color in contrast to the rest of the label. While cardboard does have a tendency to shrink over time, it’s a great solution for certain product images or limited color choices. This method can inform potential customers that the product is still available, even if they’re physically unable to buy it due to availability.

5. Leave room for stickers and labels to customize your product in the future

It’s a good idea to have a little bit of wiggle room in your design. This will not only leave room for any stickers or labels you may want to put on the product later, but it also gives you room to improve upon the design you already have. You never know what kinds of changes your product may go through in the future.

Take its easy fold-out design and remix it for a unique take on the classic bubble wrap. You may be surprised by how many of your customers prefer to open up the package and let the contents pour out. Outdoor retailer Patagonia experimented with some pretty wild and creative new packaging for their merchandise. Dubbing their new design “freedom of the rope,” they checked the whole “freedom of speech” thing, and it paid off.

Backpacks created for the outdoors have always been a crowd favorite, and if they’re packed in cardboard-like Patagonia’s, you’ll be sending the opposite message and probably getting more backlash. However, if you make your product easily foldable, people will enjoy the new look even if they don’t want to open the bag right away.

This is what Patagonia did here, and everything worked out great for them. It’s important to keep your cart in check. Many vapes will come with lids, such as the ones included with some tanks. However, many vapes are sold with a variety of compatible lids. If there is one that clearly says “This Tank Only,” design it on the cart and perhaps even place it on the product packaging itself.

While some of the companies featured in the above-linked Full Stack Wallets celebrate DIY tech control, others will sell you a product, then claim it as their own and give you advice on how to control your own vaping. Enough is enough. Let your customers know that you’re not affiliated, just a guy trying to help and save on packaging. It’s easy to waste paper and cardboard.


If you’re shipping vape cartridges, you should consider using recycled cardboard to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. The above given 5 tips will help you design an attractive package that gives customers a great experience from order to delivery.

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