What Makes Ezderm the Best EMR software for Dermatology?

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Ezderm Software offers a cutting-edge EMR solution that meets practically all of the needs of dermatology practices. The app is cloud-based, mobile, and compatible with any iPad or iMac that has access to the internet.

Ezderm EMR also works in conjunction with a cloud-based Practice Management System to improve your efficiency. Healthcare practices benefit from the integrated Practice Management System in clinical, organizational, and financial aspects. Ezderm is one of the unique options for automating company tasks and eliminating unnecessary overheads due to its prominent features and adaptable interface. Overall, it is a one-stop solution for Dermatology practices of all sizes.


Ezderm Software: Popular Features

It can be challenging to run your operations manually as a busy healthcare professional; however, Ezderm software is here to assist you. The Ezderm EMR system has several features that you can customize according to your Dermatology practice. The following are some of the vital functionalities.


1. Dermatology-specific Features

As the software is entirely configurable to a Dermatology practice, the Ezderm EMR Systems received the Healthcare Solutions Technology Award in 2013. You may customize the robust software to fit the workflow of any Dermatology practice. It also has automatic coding for precise documentation and CPT, ICD-10, and E&M coding.

Furthermore, while locating the patients’ chosen pharmacies, the system’s Pharmacy Geolocation tool saves time and eliminates misinterpretation. Overall, the Ezderm cost is compensated for by these specialty-specific characteristics.


2. Streamlined Clinical Documentation

The Ezderm software is well-known for its ability to reduce paperwork for you, according to Ezderm evaluations. In addition, the complete package includes 3D Body Maps, which allow you to capture your patient encounters utilizing over 3,000 anatomical regions visually.

Additionally, the progress note option in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software supports you in keeping medically correct and brief notes without risking the medical practice during audits. The program also has handwriting recognition, which can help you improve your Dermatology workflow even more. Overall, the software is terrific and greatly simplifies your documentation process.


3. Appointment Scheduling Tool

Another essential advantage of Ezderm Software is that it facilitates appointment scheduling. The Appointment Scheduler tool in Ezderm EMR, for example, allows you to keep track of patient appointments in real-time.

You may also use the scheduling tool to create new appointments with a single click. Also you can also transmit any intake forms to your patients through the patient portal. You can swiftly check patients in and out using the appointment scheduling tool. You can also test this feature in a real-world healthcare scenario by using the Ezderm EMR demo.


4. Digital Prescription

One of the essential components of medical care is prescriptions. Yet, although they are regularly generated and approved individually, manually writing them down might be difficult.

As a result, Ezderm EMR offers an e-Prescription feature that makes submitting prescriptions to your favorite pharmacies a breeze. Furthermore, e-Prescription provides up-to-date information about drug-to-drug interactions. Ezderm reviews claim that this powerful tool boosts your practice’s productivity and helps you advance.


5. Medical Billing Solution

The medical billing solution offered by Ezderm software will help you improve your practice’s invoicing efficiency. It also lets you focus on your patients and devote more time to them. Furthermore, this method eliminates the need to file claims, obtain payments, or access another system to check the status of a claim or payment. With this powerful tool, you can take payments at the moment of check-in, check-out, or through online patient payment services.


6. Claims Filing

When you use Ezderm EMR, you’ll notice a significant reduction in denied claims because the software assists you in spotting claims issues as you enter data, allowing you to address them immediately. You can also use automatic eligibility checks to see if your patients are covered for insurance.


7. Web-based Deployment

You can use Ezderm EMR from any location at any time as it is accessible on the cloud. Furthermore, thanks to the cloud-based EMR, you may access patient data from a range of devices. As a result, you may give advanced care to patients with the help of Ezderm software.

Another advantage of using a web-based EMR is that it eliminates the need for additional hardware that can be pricey. Instead, you can access the EMR program on your iPad. Furthermore, the iPad’s health-related functions simplify collecting photographs, sharing them with patients, and obtaining system statistics.


Ezderm Cost

According to reviews, the Ezderm Software is less expensive than regular EMR on the market. In addition, you may choose from a variety of flexible Ezderm subscription models, starting at $499 per month for the most basic subscription service.

Furthermore, the supplier will charge a customization fee based on your wants and functionality requirements if you desire additional capabilities in your system to meet your company’s specific needs.



Don’t worry if you’re curious about what users have to say about Ezderm Software. We gathered Ezderm benefits and drawbacks from various sources to provide you with a complete picture of the program.


  • The EMR Software, Practice Management System, and the Medical Billing Software integrate to streamline your procedure.
  • The software is user-friendly and accessible on the cloud.
  • The platform offers efficient customer support around the clock, seven days a week.


  • Users need the training to use complex features like interactive body maps.
  • The software occasionally updates and slows down.


Do We Recommend Ezderm EMR Software?

It provides clinics with the flexibility and power they need to advance and flourish. As a result, many healthcare professionals, particularly dermatologists, rely on the Ezderm EMR System to improve their medical practices and provide excellent patient care.

The best EMR for your medical practice offers all the functionalities you require.  As a result, before going into the features of Ezderm software, it’s a good idea to make a list of your EMR requirements. You can also schedule an Ezderm software demo to learn more about the product.

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