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Why The ASUS Gigabit WiFi Router does not Blink Light! What to do?


The ASUS Gigabit WiFi Router is working with the MIMO technology. This device is available in the market in white and black colors. But most people buy this device in the black color. People use this device for watching HD quality movies, videos, storing the data in cloud storage, and online gaming. The device is used to connect more devices to the internet. You can connect the LAN ports with the setup box, media plates, smart LEDs, storage devices, smart TVs, and game consoles. This router works with the 2.4GHz radio frequency and 5FGz radiofrequency. The 2.4GHz radio frequency provides the speed of 600Mbps and the 5GHz radio frequency provides the speed of 870 Mbps. The router can be managed by the app and all the things related to the device are given on the app. 

The device has hidden features that are a VPN server and VPN client. The VPN client works with the VPN client. This device technology reduces the interference of the other devices. Those connections disturb the signals of the router. You can easily transfer any information or file via this device. You can access your device from a long distance by the ASUS router app remote connection.

Features of the ASUS Gigabit WiFi Router

There are numerous features of the Asus wireless dual-band router. To commence with, 

Better quality of service:

This router offers a better facility and service for accessing the device of the users. This device is able to reduce the interference of other devices and this puts a block on the way to useless connections.

Connection type 

Sometimes, people do not choose the connection type and they try to connect the router with the computer without choosing any type. After that, selecting the connection type is very essential for making a wired or wireless connection. 

MIMO technology

MIMO technology is the latest technology. This technology helps to increase the range of the device by the antennas. You can rotate the antennas of the router in 36o degrees where you have more internet coverage.

Data providing speed 

The data-providing speed totally depends on the internet range where you fix the router. If the router does not provide better speed. So, try to change the location of the device.

Easy management

The setup, installation, and management of the device are very convenient. You can complete all the processes related to the router to take information from the envelope and google it manually.

Extra control

The overall devices are controlled by the remote and the app. With the help of the app, you can remove interference, clock connection of the devices, parental control, Netflix, and more. Most people use the parental control function because of their children’s security.

Troubleshooting steps to solve the issue of Why The ASUS Gigabit WiFi Router does not show LED lights?

I will discuss the solution of not blinking lights along with the causes. To trigger with,

Check the connection of both devices:

Check the connection of your router and computer. If your router does not connect to the power adaptors and your computer wifi turns off. Then, this device doesn’t blink light.

If your devices do not connect to the power. Then, take the power adapter of your device. After that, connect the pin of the power adapter into the power port of the router and another end of the adapter is attached to the electric outlet. If your computer Wi-Fi is ON then, turn on the device Wi-Fi then connect to the router.

Your devices need an update

The Asus router does not blink the lights. You should check the software update of the device into the device app. You need an update then open the settings then click on the software update option. After that, the play store was opened. Then, tap on the install option. Then you see your device blinking lights.

Check the power outlet:

Check the power outlet where you put the power adapter to the router is working or not. Then, try to connect the router’s power adapter to another electric switch. Thus, the Asus router showed lights.


The ASUS Gigabit Wi-Fi Router is an excellent device for connecting computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. My uncle Rajat recently purchased this device. When the product was delivered. He called me to set up this. I installed and set up this device by myself to see the steps from the google manual and page. The features of the device are incredible. When the device shows this problem like ASUS router login page not loading. so, you can take solutions from the app. He also suggested that many people buy this device. 

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