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Top 5 benefits of having mobile POS Software for your retail shop

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Mobile POS Software is something you have probably seen in shops. These digital cash registers are accessible at the touch of a button to multiple businesses. The popularity of POS has reached an all-time high. By 2027, the global POS market will be worth 42.5 billion dollars. What is technology?

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of POS Software, then we will discuss the actual business requirements and the requirements for POS Software. We also included a comprehensive review of the rise of POS Software online and the key integration requirements for businesses looking to invest in mobile POS Software.

What is a Mobile POS?

The mobile POS Software is POS software that runs on either Windows-based tablets or iPad tablets. This allows your staff to interact directly with customers wherever they are located in your store.

A recent survey found that 52.8% of shoppers prefer to shop with staff who have tablets. This means they expect your team to have the latest technology.

What business benefits can mobile point-of-sale systems offer to your company?

Minimize showrooming and walkouts

Your potential customers will walk into your store looking for information. They want to know if you have the right products, what your prices are, and other relevant questions that will help them decide whether or not to purchase.

Many shoppers feel uncomfortable approaching the counter to ask questions. If they don’t get this crucial information quickly, most shoppers will walk away (often engaging showrooming).

Mobile POS solutions allow you to intercept sales processes and engage customers proactively.

Retail Express, a mobile point of sale system that is advanced allows your employees to quickly locate relevant products and provide real-time stock availability, pricing, and other product information. It uses fuzzy matching similar to Google so that employees can be confident that their searches will return the right products.

It is crucial to provide a wonderful shopping experience by being able to quickly pull up pricing information and product information while interacting with customers.

This allows your staff to close the sale by offering tempting offers that don’t impact your bottom line.

If you don’t stock the right products in your store, your staff can check in real-time what’s available elsewhere and make automated stock transfers to other outlets for delivery home or store pickup.

In-store screen browsing can be integrated into your store network. So customers can browse all inventory and make quick purchases.

Your staff will be able to make multiple sales from any location in the store, rather than being restricted to the sales counter. This will increase sales and reduce waiting times.

Vast Furniture & Homewares is an Australian company that has had great success with Mobile POS. Chad Sawtell, the franchise owner, has equipped his customer service staff using Mobile POS with tablets running Retail Express. This allows them to interact with customers directly on the showroom floor, rather than behind the counter.

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Mobile POS removes long queues and busy accounts staff. The automated systems can handle the same. This slow service can have a negative impact on customer experience.

Mobile payments are a great way to increase revenue and reduce checkout times. Therefore customers feel valued and more likely to return.

To maximize basket size, cross-sell and upsell

Retail Express, a mobile point of sale solution that is highly advanced, allows staff to quickly engage customers in the area they are interested in and then show them a variety of cross-selling or up-sell products. This will allow your staff to identify the best products for each customer and situation. It considers old stock, marked-down items, and inventory available in other locations or channels.

Minimal setup

There are no hardware requirements for the mobile point-of-sale. It is simple to download the POS app, launch it, and then get a compatible card reader accessory.

This cloud-based POS is a superior option to the traditional POS which requires dedicated space, hardware, and storage. Mobile POS can also be integrated with cloud storage, making it highly portable.

This is why almost 54% of businesses will use mobile POS in 2020 to process transactions.

Technology that is cost-effective

Small businesses and startups will find the mobile point-of-sale system very cost-effective. Traditional POS Software requires software updates and maintenance that your team must manage. Moreover, it can also increase the overall cost of the POS.

The mobile POS, on the other hand, is cost-effective and offers quick integrations as well as a cloud-based subscription. Businesses can adjust their costs based on the volume of customers. Nearly 61% of retailers thought of using cloud-based POS to grow their business.

In-store shrinkage is lower

Your sales team will have more time to interact with customers in-store. Also, this will reduce shoplifting, administrative errors, and vendor fraud. Employees will be able to focus on other sales strategies that will increase profits, as they will spend less time behind the counter.

Limits the liability of the business

The details of customers’ debit or credit cards are not saved by the mobile POS Software. So there is no risk of customers’ banking information compromising to security breaches. Therefore, the business is free from any liability for managing customers’ payment information and can save multiple dollars on data security.

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