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Everything Need to Know About choosing a Pregnancy Pillow 2024


To get pregnant women to be more positive, tell them to get rest before their baby arrives. We’d love to save that energy for later, but it’s difficult and uncomfortable to sleep while pregnant. It’s easier to sleep comfortably when you have a good maternity or body pillow. Although we cannot help you with the former, we can give you a list of the best pregnancy pillow available.

Many people will tell you to ditch the maternity pillow and get regular pillows for under and between your legs. There are many options for affordable pregnancy and body pillows that can help you get some sleep. Even though they may be robbing your preferred sleeping position, it is for your baby’s benefit.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

The best pregnancy pillow serves one purpose: to support your body and promote better sleep. Experts suggest that the best position to sleep while pregnant is on your side, with your knees bent. This position is supported by a pregnancy pillow. They can be placed strategically under your abdomen, between your knees, and/or behind your back. Most of the top-rated pregnancy pillow can be moldable to accommodate your changing and growing body.

A full-body Pregnancy pillow can be the best option. It will encase your entire body, which makes it more comfortable for you to sleep. This is what pregnancy pillow are all about! You don’t need to stuff a lot of pillows here and there, as one pillow can support multiple points on your body simultaneously. A long, curved pregnancy pillow, sometimes shaped like a U or C, were preferred by Pampers parents. They follow your body’s shape and can be used for restful sleep. A pregnancy pillow can also be convenient as it remains in the correct shape even when you have to get up in the middle of the night. It’s there ready to go when you get back to bed.

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is not necessary to be used. There are many reasons why pregnant women may need to adjust their sleeping position and pillows depending on the pregnancy symptoms that they experience. Sleeping on your side could help with nausea and heartburn in the first trimester. People who normally sleep on their stomachs will need to stop if they are experiencing sore breasts.

The main reason that people need a body pillow or a wedge pillow, is because it is not advised to sleep on your back after 20 weeks. Because sleeping on your back can cause the weight of your uterus to press against the vena cava (a major blood vessel), which can slow down the flow of oxygen to your baby, making you dizzy and nauseating.

You may feel your growing bump pulling at your back when you lay on your side. Your body can also experience lower back and hip pain. You may feel warmer than usual due to your increased blood flow during pregnancy. You can find pillows that can help with all these symptoms. They support your bump, elevate your leg, cool your body and wrap you in a warm embrace.

How do we choose the best pregnancy pillow?

We looked at the top-rated pillows on Amazon and Buybuy Baby to create the following list. We made sure that we included pillows that would suit the different needs of pregnant women. While some may want an affordable option that they can use for a short time, others might be willing to spend more money on a decorative pillow that can be used long after the baby is born.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow?

There are many types of pregnancy pillow available on the market. It’s worth taking the time to learn about them all before you shop.

These are the top features of a pregnancy pillow that you should consider when selecting the right one.

  • Size: Not everyone can afford a large mattress. You can save space by choosing a queen or double mattress. If you have limited space, you should consider using a wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow. The Boppy or Hiccapop are both compact options that could make great choices. You can choose a larger size if you have enough space. The Bluestone Full Body Maternity Pillow with Contoured is the largest on the list.
  • Shape. Pregnancy pillow shapes come in a variety of sizes, with the U being the most popular. You can also find C-shaped pillows or pregnancy wedges that you can place under your stomach. U-shaped pillows provide comfort on both sides so that your stomach and back are supported. However, they can take up much of your bed space, as previously mentioned. While a C-shaped pillow might be more suitable for moms-to-be, it may not provide the same support as a U-shaped one. There are also pillows that do not conform to either one of these shapes. For example, the BoppyMultiuse Slipcovered Total Bodily Pillow is more like a comma. If you don’t like the curved design, the log-shaped Tempur-Pedic Total Body Pillow is another option.
  • Material. There is a variety of pregnancy pillow available. They can be filled with memory foam, down, or a polyester-down substitute. While memory foam may provide the best support, some moms find it too hot. While down and down pillows are lighter and cooler, they may not provide the same support as memory foam. You can find the best pillow for you. However, if you are unsure, you may want to look at similar pillows to what you have now.
  • Price. The Tempurpedic Body Pillow is the most expensive, while the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is the least expensive.
  • Cover. Choose a pregnancy pillow that has a removable, washable cover. This will make it easy to clean. All of the pillows in our list have a machine washable cover.


Best Pregnancy Pillows

  • PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow is the best eco-friendly option

PharMeDoc U-shaped pregnancy pillow are Amazon’s most popular. This is mainly due to their supportive U-shape, which allows for side sleeping and the low price. This pillow has a 100 percent organic cotton cover (certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard) and a 100 percent recycled polyester filling. You’ll be more comfortable than ever, and you will know that your pillow purchase will have a positive impact on the climate catastrophe our children will inherit ( womp womp).

  • Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy/Maternity Total Body Pillow

Why choose this one? Parents chose the Snoogle because of its unique C shape that follows your body’s contours. The curves at the ends offer neck and head support, while the midsection supports your abdomen and back. You can also tuck the slightly curving end between your knees to make it even more comfortable.

This is a great pregnancy pillow design to help stomach or back sleepers transition to side sleeping. It’s a favorite, but some Pampers Parents wish it was O-shaped or a little longer. The pillow’s easy cleaning is made up of the sham-style flap, which you can take out for machine washing. It also has no zipper, which could press against your skin and cause discomfort.

  • Buffy Wiggle Pillow, Cover, and Buffy Wiggle Cushion are the best decorative options

We have yet to see any customer reviews for the Buffy Wiggle Pillow, but we feel it deserves to be included here. Buffy’s eco-friendly comforters are a favorite of reviewers. The Wiggle pillow is a long cylindrical pillow with a flexible shape that can be bent into different shapes depending on your body type. It has a lyocell or rayon cover from eucalyptus, and a filling of recycled PET plastic. The soft faux-shearling exterior cover is made from recycled materials. It comes in pleasing cream, puff, or toast colors.

  • Queen Rose Full Body U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Why choose this one? The Queen Rose U-shaped pillow is multifunctional and versatile. This pregnancy pillow can be used in many ways. It’s great for reading, sleeping and watching TV. The U-shaped shape will follow your curves to provide you with full support while sleeping. The manufacturer will exchange it or give you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Some Pampers parents complained that the fabric was hard to clean and made them sweaty at night. More breathable cotton would have been better.

  • Best Wedge Shape: Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

A new pillow might not be necessary if you are a side-sleeper in non-pregnant periods. A small wedge pillow, which fits under the bump of your heavier pillow, maybe a good option. This is great news for those who share a small bed, as you won’t be dominating it with a large cushion.

My hips were hurting, my back was hurting, and I tried to use a pillow to support my 16-week-old bump. It was horrible,” one customer described the reason they purchased the wedge at 2:00 AM. “I swear it’s magic! … It is small enough to allow me to sleep on it while still cuddling with my partner. This was not possible with the wall between [me] and him.

  • Boppy Multiuse Slipcovered Total-Body Pillow

Why choose this one? The Boppy pillow is a great choice for pregnant women who want to sleep comfortably. This pillow can also support you while sitting or lying down. The unique contour of the pillow supports your neck, back, and hips while you sleep or rest on it.

Pampers loved that the pillow seemed to hug their stomachs. If you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow for back pain, this pillow may not be for you. Instead, consider a U-shaped pillow. This pillow provides more support for your back. You can remove the slipcover and wash it in the machine. Virgin polyester fiber makes up the filling.

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