Top 10 Countries Sending Maximum Exports To The U.S.


The United States is constantly involved with trading with companies in other countries. Some countries export more goods to the United States than others because of favourable customs and regulations of business. 

However, these regulations tend to change with time, so the number of exports changes. And this is why the ranking of top countries that send maximum exports keeps on changing. 

In 2019, the United States was the leading importer of goods and services among all the countries. The major imports of the country were cars, computers, crude oil and packaged medicines.

Let’s look at the statistics of the top ten countries that supply the maximum exports to the United States. This is based on the US trade data by country for 2019.

Top 10 Countries Sending Maximum Exports To The U.S.

#1. China

The alternation of tariffs between the United States and China has created a huge impact on the trade between the two countries. But, still, China remained the largest exporter of goods and services to the United States. 

As per the US trade data, China exported goods worth $429 billion to the U.S. in 2019. This amount was about 18% of the total U.S. imports in 2019.

#2. Mexico

Mexico lands at the second position in this list by covering 15.1% of total U.S. exports in 2019. According to US trade data, Mexico exports goods worth $361 billion in 2019. The major exports by Mexico to the United States were assembled or manufactured goods like: 

  • Automobiles
  • Mineral fuels
  • Computers 
  • Machinery
  • Optical devices 
  • Medical instruments 

The United States also imported many agricultural products like fresh vegetables, wine and beer, fruits and snacks. Mexico offers lower wages and closer manufacturing facilities which attract U.S. traders to invest in the country’s exports.

#3. Canada

Canada contributes a percentage of 13.2 in total U.S. imports, totalling $314 billion worth of goods exported in 2019. Based on US trade data by country, Canada exported oil, vehicles, prepared foods, types of machinery, vegetable and non-alcoholic beverages to the United States. 

Mexico and Canada share borders with the United States. Therefore, the companies are attracted to trade with these countries due to better accessibility of facilities and low transport costs. 

#4. Japan

The automotive industries of Japan attract a lot of American companies and clients. Japan usually exports vehicles and vehicle parts to the United States. According to the latest US import data by country, the United States imported $134 billion worth of goods from Japan which was 5.64% of total U.S. imports. The United States is the leading trading partner of Japan.

#5. Germany

Like Japan, Canada, Mexico and China, Germany secured its place in the top five countries to export the maximum goods to the United States. Apart from Canada and Japan, Germany is also a huge exporter of vehicles and vehicle parts. In addition, it also exports pieces of machinery and pharmaceuticals. The US import data by country suggests that Germany exported goods worth $131 billion, which was 5.49% of total U.S. imports in 2019.

#6. South Korea

The experts have observed that exports from South Korea have grown significantly in the recent past few years. In 2019, the country exported goods worth $74.8 billion, which covered 3.14% of total U.S. imports. The United States is currently the second leading trading partner of South Korea. China still tops the list. 

#7. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s major exports to the U.S. were vehicles and types of machinery in 2019, which totalled $64.7 billion, which had a share of 2.71% of total U.S. exports. The United Kingdom is the seventh leading trading partner of the United States. 

#8. Vietnam

The increase of imports from Vietnam increased because of the trade war with China. In 2019, the imports from Vietnam increased by more than 30%, totalling $63.7 billion. On the other hand, Vietnam exported computers, machinery, and telephone equipment mostly to the U.S. 

#9. India

India exported goods worth $55.3 billion to the United States in 2019, which was 2.32% of total U.S. imports. The major exports from India consisted of packaged medicaments and diamonds. The United States is the leading trading partner of India, followed by China and UAE.

#10. Ireland

The major exports of Ireland to the United States were pharmaceuticals and organic chemicals, which totalled $53.7 billion. This amount was 2.25% of total U.S. imports. Thus, the United States is one of the major trading partners of Ireland.

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What’s The Situation Of The Global Economic Climate?

With the constant shifting and evolving of the economies of several countries, many countries are now emerging as major exporters of certain goods. And therefore, the export business of these countries is expected to grow at a fast rate, making huge profits in billions and thus affecting the economy of those countries. 

Trading goods and services can have a huge impact on the economy of the countries. It has been observed that the countries involved in trading tend to develop faster than the other countries in terms of economy. That’s down to the mutual benefits involved in a trade. 

After all, Regulations and trading agreements usually change with political climates. Therefore, changes are seen in the trade flow of a country with the evolution of presidential faces. Today, the United States is the leading trading partner of China, Mexico, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and Japan.

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