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Top 13 Crucial tips For Your Small Kitchen Organization 2021

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Does your kitchen space feel inadequate? Small kitchens can be very stressful to manage and, without caution, could cause accidents, breakages of kitchen items, and spilling of food items. Organization of kitchen is not only safe, easy to clean but also creates serenity.

With fundamental ideas like using hooks on your doors or walls and utilizing extra space above your cabinets, you can easily create more storage space. Below we have listed some small kitchen organization ideas that will make your space feel adequate and also allow you to work swiftly in your kitchen:

Use air-tight food containers

Most food items purchased are in polythene bags or boxes. When opened, they become easy to spill and may attract rodents to your house. Some of these items may go bad when not stored properly. Using clear, air-tight containers like the mason jars will make your kitchen neater and easy to manage. Have these containers labeled for ease of identification and avoiding mix-up of items. These containers will also enable you to identify when the amount is almost finished.

Shelve your drawers

Putting extra shelves in your drawers will create more space to store more items in one drawer. You can also use baskets to subdivide your drawers easily for easy storage. It not only creates space but keeps your drawers well arranged.

Put hooks inside your cabinet

Did you know that putting hooks in your cabinet doors could give you more storage space? Hang your kitchen towels and spoons using hooks on your cabinet door; this will save you space and ensure they don’t get dusty.

Utilize your oven space

Your oven space can be ample storage for your baking trays, muffin tins, and baking sheets, especially if you do not often use your oven. Don’t forget to remove them while using your oven to avoid burning them.

Use the space above your fridge

Is there a space above your fridge? Put a shelf above it to store some of your kitchen items like blenders, food processors, juicers, and whatnot. You can use bamboo baskets as organizers as they are easier to lift than wooden drawers. Avoid placing heavy items in these baskets to avoid getting tired when lifting.

Use your walls

Hooks on your walls will be a great spot to hang your pots and pans. These look more appealing, create more space, are easily reachable, and are identified easily.

Arrange your kitchen items as per their frequency of use

You have a long list of utensils that you need to place in the right space. Place the items you frequently use like snacks, spices, and kitchen cutlery in drawers that are easily accessible, while those you rarely use like baking tins on the topmost shelf. It will allow you to manage your drawers easily.

Strategize your storage

Ensure the heaviest items are in your bottom drawers while your light items are in your top drawers. It makes it safe for you when picking these items and ensures your drawers do not have too much pressure at the top; if they are screwed, they may unscrew and fall.

Install drawers or shelves under your sink

The space under your sink can be storage for lots of items. To achieve this, install drawers or shelves, ensure that your sink is not leaking as this would cause more harm than gain.

Have shelves above your cooker

You can have shelves or drawers installed above your cooker. It is unique and also makes your items reachable when preparing your meals. Avoid having your items very close to your cooker, as they may distract you when cooking or catch fire.

Use your windowsills

If you luckily have windowsills in your kitchen, utilize this space. However small this space is, you can place your plants or cookbooks. Having flowers will significantly make your kitchen look more aesthetic.

Install a fall-down table and buy folding chairs

It is stylish and also creates space. You get your table and chair up when you need to use it, then fold when done. For the folding chairs, you can have them hanging on the wall after use.

Place a cutting board over your sink

Place a cutting board over half of your sink to give you more room to prepare your items while still using your sink. You can remove your board after meal preparation for more space to clean your utensils.

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